Standee Facts

We want to be upfront as much as possible about our selection of standees. Also read the terms and conditions, which is required to be agreed to prior to purchase.

The Quality of your Cardboard Standee: Many of the cutouts are created using photos that are not studio quality.  The manufacturer sometimes has to use images from decades ago, lower resolution images, blurry images and/or screenshots from video.  Quality when viewed up close may not be perfect.  All photos that we use on the website is a good representation of how the cutout will look when viewed from 6ft+ away.  We urge you to view the images on our website on a desktop computer, hover your mouse over the photo of the cutout, and view the zoomed-in image.  The quality that you see on screen once zoomed is how it will look in person when viewed close up.  Keep in mind, that most cutouts are used for party decor and most people who view them, do not stand inches away from the face of the cutout and examine them with a fine toothed comb, it is viewed at a distance of about 6 feet away to see the entire image.  If you feel you need "perfect" images, then please do not make your purchase.  

Folds: All cutouts are folded. There will be fold lines. It is unavoidable. Usually 1/3 and 2/3 of the way horizontally on the cutout. It must be folded to fit within the carrier's normal sizing. If you want a cutout to be shipped flat, please email us for a quote. This can easily cost over $250 since it has to normally ship via trucking company.

Thickness: All cardboard standees are manufacturered on cardboard that is approximately 0.15" thick. 

Finish: The printing method on the standees create a satin finish especially on dark areas of the image. Light can generate a glare when angled improperly.

Easels: All standee include a cardboard easel that is attached to the back of the standee. When you receive your cutout, just unfold carefully, and swing out the easel 90 degrees, and lock in place with the little cardboard lock.

We offer no returns on products sold on our site. Many items are used for one day events, and it is not fair to return it after being used.